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1) Have you lived in KY all your life? Have you ever lived anywhere else, how does it compare? Born in Wy, moved to Ma, then to Pa then to Miami Fl and then Lexington- Each place has its perks but i dont see it as all that different aside from size and local yokals.
2) WHy did you join this community? Lookd like a good bandwagon.
3) Top favorite bands?
tool,phish,weather report,king crimson,primus,buckethead,anything that takes me on a journey.
4) Most entertaining place to hang out in your area? a little bit of everywhere around town, or the gourge
5) Best local band you know of? sexual disaster quartet(weds at high n rose)
6) Your opinion on Kyians unlike yourself? they are unlike myself
7) What you think would improve this community? interaction
8) If you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why? australia northern europe or egypt. Aus for the diversity, NEur for the rollin hills and forests, egypt/furtile cresent for the prymids and culture. I would really like to live in a bunch of places i cant tell yet where i want to settle down.
9) If you had to pick a stereotype to discribe yourself, now or if you are older when you were in highschool/college, what would it be and explain. Now i would consider myself to be spaced out.
10) How old are you/ what region are you from? 20, lived in Pa for 10yrs so i guess thats my region.
11) What is your favorite radio station? I like to pick my own music but wrfl is straight.
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