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1) Have you lived in KY all your life? sadly yes... i lived in covington when i was born, moved to Crittenden (ick) and in october i moved into a dorm at NKU in Highland Heights

2) WHy did you join this community? bc its for bored kentuckians... and thats what i am, so it all works out

3) Top favorite bands?
this is hard because i listen to tons of stuff... i hate limiting music... :/
* A Static Lullaby
* Taking Back Sunday
* Green Day

4) Most entertaining place to hang out in your area? wow... umm it was generations, but then the owner died. now for entertainment i take bus rides to florence or the levee... but those places arent that great

5) Best local band you know of? i dont know any around here, but back in GC Mistaken was pretty damn cool

6) Your opinion on Kyians unlike yourself? they're weird, but who isnt?

7) What you think would improve this community? if people would just simply write more often

8) If you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why? Canada... ive just always liked the place

9) If you had to pick a stereotype to discribe yourself, now or if you are older when you were in highschool/college, what would it be and explain. Oh my... umm in school id say the loner, but now that i think about it my senior year i had lots of friends. i was a really unique kid in high school, i grew up and changed a lot. alkdhgahegaoihdsg im not sure what i would have been in high school, but now that im in college people would sterotype me as maybe a punk bc of my appearance and music...

10) How old are you/ what region are you from? 18; region? shit i cant remember those if its what i think your talking about (how did i make it to college?) im in northern ky, thats good enough :-D

11) What is your favorite radio station? What do you think about z103 getting in trouble for the smoking ban hoax ( if you know about that station and that hoax) I dont listen to the radio bc it plays music that i have no interest in; and i dont know what youre talking about there

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