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Eh...everyone else was doin' it!;)!

1) Have you lived in KY all your life? Have you ever lived anywhere else, how does it compare? I have lived practicallly everywhere...but I go to EKU, so I'm in Richmond for the time being;)!
2) WHy did you join this community? I had nothing betther to do.
3) Top favorite bands?
* Simple Plan
* Ludacris
* Linkin Park
* Jay Z
4) Most entertaining place to hang out in your area? Kentucky's boring...that's why I go on road trips...
5) Best local band you know of? I dont know of any
6) Your opinion on Kyians unlike yourself? They are a much friendlier slower paced soceity than the North...where I live when I'm not at college
7) What you think would improve this community? People actually talking to each other!?!
8) If you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why? Somewhere out West, used to live in the West Coast
9) If you had to pick a stereotype to discribe yourself, now or if you are older when you were in highschool/college, what would it be and explain. Sorority what most people think when they meet me...BUT I'M NOT!!!!...Can't judge a book by it's cover...I love all types of music and appreciate all people...
10) How old are you/ what region are you from? 19 and Central
11) What is your favorite radio station? I don't really listen to anything but CD's...but 104.5
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