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How can I resist?

1) Have you lived in KY all your life? since birth
Have you ever lived anywhere else, how does it compare? n/a
2) Why did you join this community? peer pressure. lol I really don't know. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
3) Top favorite bands?
* Green Day
* R.E.M.
* Maroon 5
4) Most entertaining place to hang out in your area? Waffle House at midnight
5) Best local band you know of? Madison Central Marching Band!
6) Your opinion on Kyians unlike yourself? Please leave your rebel trucks at home. I know you like to reve your engines 20 minutes before school, but it is slightly unnerving.
7) What do you think would improve this community? random disscussion topics or suggestions of how to waste time in KY with $10 and a full tank of gas
8) If you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why? Montreal, Canada a) it's in Canada b) it's French speaking c) it's friggin' awesome!
9) If you had to pick a stereotype to discribe yourself, now or if you are older when you were in highschool/college, what would it be and explain. Linguistics geek. I'm the kid that gets a thrill from foreign grammar, funny sounding words and all aspects of speaking in a tongue most of my peers can't understand.
10) How old are you/ what region are you from? 17 from Central KY
11) What is your favorite radio station? What do you think about z103 getting in trouble for the smoking ban hoax ( if you know about that station and that hoax) hmm... that's diffucult. My favorite is probably B92.1 but I also like 101.1, 106.3 and being the nerd that I am 89.9 ;).
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