The sea and the rythm (beerie) wrote in nottheonlyones,
The sea and the rythm


This place has been dead lately.. so how about some news!

I am hoping to do/ get someone do do spotlights on local bands: and to boost membership in this community while we are at it. Also, if you know of any upcoming events in the area, lets put them up on here as well. I don't really care what you post about... lets just get this place up and going again lol.

BIG NEWS: Nine Inch Nails will be in Lexington in February. Check out their website or for more details. Anyone in this comm. going? I am!

Some things to discuss: dates of craft fairs, musical performances, etc.

Check out "The Life of Brian Lewis" playing downtown Richmond. Find this up-and-coming artist playing The Whiskey and LiveWire.
Check out Komatoze, whose new album will be featured in several magazines.
Check out local artist, J.Sparks, aka Eugene- Stop by the Richmond Mall Shades sunglasses shop to view his graphic novel in progress

Please feel free to post about anything... sales, plays, music, stores... promote and discuss!

Did anyone see the documentary "Country Boys" about two teens coming of age in the Appalachain mountains? If you didnt see it... I reccomend it. You can watch it at It is a real eye-opener concerning rural life.

There are several people interested in opening a new store in the central ky area, dealing with crafts, local art, gaming, figures, collectibles, etc. If anyone is interested, please comment.
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